Alix Dvorak

Research Consultant

Alix partners with people and organizations that are working for a world that works for all. She’s a is a consultant that builds capacity through organization effectiveness, program and project management.  Her broad portfolio of work and diverse set of clients have included supporting Central American small business artisans to form a cooperative to strengthen the local economy; to program and change management for a global innovation program with business leaders at a major multi-national corporation; to a start-up creating a new smart, digital money that brings real value back to real people and businesses.  With experience in non-profits, government and for-profit business, she believes in the power of partnerships and systemic solutions and, toward that end, is the Board President of Net Impact Minneapolis, a non-profit that uses the power of business as an important lever for a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. You can reach Alix at [email protected]