MNIPL's Policy Team works to bring a moral voice to the public debate about climate change-related policy at the federal, state and local levels. This volunteer-led group contributes to the climate movement by augmenting the moral voice on the climate crisis.

Interested in joining the team? Email [email protected]

Vision: The MNIPL Policy team envisions a 100% renewable, equitable and sustainable future for our neighbors, our state, and our planet.

Mission: The Policy Team helps to empower and mobilize hundreds of faith communities across the state to bring their love for creation to decision-makers' and government offices. Through active involvement in multiple state coalitions, policy volunteers help to co-develop Minnesota’s emergent strategy on climate. Volunteers then prepare educational materials and action steps for member congregations to get involved. The policy team also supports individuals and faith communities in their own interests and efforts to foster moral dialogue between citizens and decision-makers.


Take Action!

Host a 100% House Party

Bring the climate conversation to your faith community and help others engage clean energy policy campaigns. MNIPL will help you put together an informational and interactive session about climate policy and ways we can all make a difference.

Sign and distribute petitions in support of climate goals

Engage your community to sign onto the Climate Emergency petition to let our elected officials know the climate crisis is a priority for all Minnesotans.

Meet with your Legislators!

One of the best ways to take action on climate change is to meet directly with your state legislator. Contact Charissa Verdoorn ([email protected]) for more information on how to set up a meeting and what to highlight in your meeting with your elected official.


Current Legislative Campaigns

100% Campaign

MNIPL is actively supporting multiple bills currently under consideration in the legislature that call for MN to transition to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. Show your support for these efforts by signing onto our petition that calls for 100% clean energy. You can also download a printable copy.

MNIPL is proud to be among dozens of community organizations, unions, and advocacy groups pushing for 100% clean energy in Minnesota. Learn more about the coalition at https://100percentmn.org.

Community Solar Gardens

Since 2013, Minnesota has been a leader in the development of Community Solar Gardens (CSGs). CSGs are small-scale solar developments that allow community members to access renewable energy at an affordable rate. MNIPL has been closely involved in the development and promotion of community solar garden projects throughout Minnesota. In order to keep the CSG program viable, MNIPL is promoting legislation in the 2019 session that will improve the program and let it continue to grow for years to come. Show your support for these efforts by signing our petition.

Solar on Schools

MNIPL Policy team is supporting efforts in the 2019 state legislative session to make funds available for public school solar projects, while requiring public schools to consider the economic, environmental, and educational impacts of solar. Email [email protected] to get involved. Sign our petition to show your support.


Ongoing Campaigns

Just Carbon Pricing

MNIPL has been leading state efforts to consider equity in Minnesota carbon pricing legislation. Carbon pricing is considered a “free market” solution to climate change, integrating the costs of climate change into fossil fuel market. MNIPL is focusing efforts on the city-level, and volunteers are currently considering what an equitable city-level carbon tax or fee might look like. Email [email protected] to get involved.

Inclusive Financing

Current financing options for renewable energy projects typically require residents to have significant capital to meet costs up-front or high credit scores and incomes. Inclusive financing provides an alternative model that allows access for all to community-owned solar, regardless of income or credit score. Email [email protected] to get involved.

Coalition Partnership

In addition to independent work to bolster particular initiatives, the MNIPL policy team supports various coalition partners on the REAMP MN State Climate Table, the Just Solar Coalition, and the 100% Campaign.