Just Solar

Are you looking for a job in the solar industry? Are you a developer looking to build your workforce? Are you hoping to influence public policy?

We need your voice to make this happen!


Just Solar: A People's Movement Assembly


Using the wisdom we hear at the People’s Movement Assembly the Just Solar Coalition will work to create and test a tool, the “Just Solar Standard” designed to drive the industry to improve hiring practices and create access. As we test the tool we will refine our understanding of the barriers and bridges to success and will work to mitigate some of those problems.



The community solar revolution has come to Minnesota. Who will benefit from the jobs that will come on line, or the clean energy that is produced? The Just Solar Coalition believes the solar revolution should be accessible to all. That it should be a tool to lift all boats.

Our vision is to:

  • Promote access to solar for all, regardless of credit score.
  • Strive to close the employment gap breaking down fundamental barriers to an equitable society.
  • Reduce carbon and protect the environment.
  • Support a new story about how we own and address our energy needs.

Just Solar Coalition goals are to:

  • Build awareness and educate faith and community leaders about the principles of Just Solar and how all can participate and how they can participate in dismantling systemic racism.
  • Move policymakers to remove barriers to inclusion and create incentives for equity.
  • Move the market by promoting access to financing and creating opportunities for minority-owned businesses, indigenous communities and people of color in the emerging solar industry
  • To build model projects in which the Just Solar principals are tested.