Just Solar Coalition

The Just Solar Coalition was convened in 2014. Together with our coalition partners, MNIPL embraced a vision of 100 percent access to the benefits of clean energy. We support a transition to a green economy that not only includes everyone but also helps to close the employment gap, improves the natural world and creates a new story about the community's role in the energy system.

Our work on Community Solar Gardens is guided by a Community Solar values statement that underscores our commitment to full access to clean energy and to providing job training in the solar industry to local, low-income residents.

The Just Solar Coalition includes MNIPL, Community Power, the Sierra Club, Cooperative Energy Futures, and Renewable NRG Partners. We have been supported by grants from the Headwaters Foundation, the Global Shapers, and the McKnight Foundation.

Current Projects

MNIPL has expanded its solar programs in 2017 and now is offering Community Solar Garden subscriptions to customers of Xcel Energy who live in 19 counties in Southern and Central Minnesota.

In 2016, we educated hundreds of Hennepin County residents about solar and subscribed scores of households to Community Solar Gardens on the roofs of Shiloh Temple International Ministries in North Minneapolis and the Public Works building in Edina.

Learn how you can subscribe to a Comunity Solar Garden.

Job Training

All of our Community Solar Garden projects are supported by a job training program that focuses on employing low-income local residents. Just Solar Coalition member Renewable NRG Partners, founded by North Minneapolis resident Jamez Staples, was recently named one of the "Top Twelve Climate Champions" by Green For All. Renewable NRG Partners provides training for jobs in the fast-growing solar industry.

Are you looking for a job in the solar industry? Are you a developer looking to build your workforce? Are you hoping to influence public policy?

In the summer of 2018 we'll be meeting with a group of recent inmates who participated in solar training are now looking to get into the work force.  We will be conducting listening sessions around the state on the Just Solar Values, and pressuring developers and policy makers to have equity baked into their decision making.

To find out more about the monthly meetings of the Just Solar Coalition, email [email protected].

Get Involved

Support climate justice and MNIPL's solar programs by subscribing to a Comunity Solar Garden.

Become a host. Is your business or faith organization interested in offering its rooftop as a potential site for a Community Solar Garden? Contact [email protected]

Become a Solar ChampionHelp us spread the word about Community Solar Gardens and earn money for the climate justice efforts of your faith organization or civic group.