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Just Solar Values

Promotes access to solar for all, regardless of credit score

Strives to close the employment gap

Works to reduce carbon and protect the environment

Supports a new story about we all relate to energy

Are you interested in powering your home through solar energy? Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light wants to help you take this important step! The first thing to do is learn about the two available options. These options are subscribing to a Community Solar Garden in your area or installing a solar array on your home. Let’s explore each further.

About Community Solar

Minnesota has been a pioneer in Community Solar Gardens since the Legislature passed the state’s first CSG legislation in 2013. Community Solar Gardens allow homeowners or renters in many parts of the state to support clean energy and climate justice and save money on electricity without installing solar panels themselves.

Community Solar Gardens are centrally located installations of solar panels that generate enough electricity to power from 20 to 200 households. As part of its growing solar programs, MNIPL works to educate faith communities, civic groups and their individual members about eligibility and the benefits of subscribing.

All of MNIPL’s solar programs, including its work on Community Solar Gardens, are based on the climate-justice values of the Just Solar Coalition.

Learn how subscribing to a Solar Garden helps to restore the earth, supports climate justice and saves money for subscribers.

Request more information about the Community Solar Gardens that MNIPL supports in the Twin Cities and Central and Southern Minnesota.

Solar Champions Learn more about how you can raise awareness about Solar AND raise money for your community.

Are you eligible for a Community Solar Garden through MNIPL? Check out a list here!

About Residential Solar

Residential Solar arrays are a great option for people who own a home with a conducive roof. The conduciveness is determined by roof age, tree placement and shading, and the direction/angle the roof slopes. If these areas are met, then you are on to the next step!

Next, you must identify who your current energy provider is to determine if you are eligible for a Solar Rewards Program. Xcel Energy and Minnesota Power will pay back one-third of the cost of your array over the five years following installation. This is a great opportunity that we want to ensure people take advantage of.

In addition to the Solar Rewards Programs, there is a federal tax credit for installing solar. The federal government will pay back another one-third of the price of the array on your next tax return. This means that overall you are only responsible for one-third of the total cost of the array. It is also important to note that the current solar federal tax credit is only in existence through the end of 2019.

MNIPL then works with companies that give loans specifically for renewable energy projects. You can click here and here to find out more about their models.

Through these three opportunities, you can install solar with zero money down! But you must act now to take advantage of these great offers! If this is a step you would like to take, contact MNIPL’s Solar Outreach Coordinator Emily Minge, [email protected]

Rooftop Solar for Faith Communities and Their Members

People of faith throughout Minnesota increasingly are exploring how to deepen the work of caring for God’s creation. At Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, we hear the question, “What else can my mosque, synagogue or church do about climate change?” nearly every day.

More and more faith communities are answering that question by exploring installing solar panels on their own rooftops. But they don’t always know where to start in navigating the decision-making process. What solutions are most effective? How much does solar cost? How do our choices align with our community’s values?

MNIPL and its partners in the Just Solar Coalition help faith organizations understand their options, including financing mechanisms that require no money down.

Contact Solar Outreach Coordinator Emily Minge to learn about MNIPL’s rooftop solar programs. For instance, we work with faith communities to organize Solar House Parties to help members understand the differences between rooftop solar and Community Solar Gardens and which might be right for them.

Is your community interested in hosting a Solar House Party? Click here to learn more.

Current Projects

MNIPL has expanded its solar programs in 2017 and now is offering Community Solar Garden subscriptions to customers of Xcel Energy who live in 19 counties in Southern and Central Minnesota.

Subscribe to a Community Solar Garden.

Job Training

All of our Community Solar Garden projects are supported by a job training program that focuses on employing low-income local residents. Just Solar Coalition member Renewable NRG Partners, founded by North Minneapolis resident Jamez Staples, was recently named one of the "Top Twelve Climate Champions" by Green For All. Renewable NRG Partners provides training for jobs in the fast-growing solar industry.

Get Involved

Support climate justice and MNIPL's solar programs by subscribing to a Community Solar Garden.

Become a host. Is your business or faith organization interested in offering its rooftop as a potential site for a Community Solar Garden? Contact [email protected]

Become a Solar Champion. Help us spread the word about Community Solar Gardens and earn money for the climate justice efforts of your faith organization or civic group. Solar Champions help educate community members by sponsoring forums and by functioning as liaisons to MNIPL’s solar team.