MNIPL staff member Bob Blake of Red Lake Nation has a bold, inspiring vision for his tribe –– to transition the community's fossil fuel use to 100% local, clean sources of energy, distributed on a microgrid that is owned by Tribal members.

Bob's company Solar Bear completed the first solar array for the project last year, and Bob is now working with Ralph Jacobson, CEO of IPS Solar to finance a solar array with energy storage on Red Lake Nation’s "Oshki ima aji tah dah" workforce development campus. Bob's company Solar Bear will employ tribal members to build the array, and they are looking for local "microloan" investors to make it happen.

This is an opportunity to financially contribute to an important mission where your contribution will be paid back with interest. Investments can range from $2,000 - $10,000 with a five-year payback and 2.5% interest annually.

Contact MNIPL’s Emily Minge at [email protected] with questions.