In this critical election year, we need thousands of Minnesotans of faith to mobilize together, building momentum to ensure that climate is a top priority for decision-makers, candidates, and voters in 2020 – ensuring a just and healthy planet for generations to come. MNIPL's goal is to train 100+ volunteers on how to use relational organizing to mobilize their network to not only vote but also to engage further in the civic process in order to advocate for climate justice.

To achieve this vision, MNIPL is launching our Climate Justice Voter Campaign. For real climate action to occur, we need Minnesotans to vote with climate justice in mind. Join us in our effort to mobilize voters across to the state to vote.


Attend a Relational Organizing for Transformational Change training: Learn how to connect with people in your own network about the importance of voting and how they can be climate champions. During these 90 minutes trainings, you will learn about our current campaign and how you can connect with people about the importance of voting using an app called Empower. See our schedule of trainings and sign up below!

2) Register to vote and request an absentee ballot: In Minnesota, all voters are allowed to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. Voting by mail is easy and safe. Request your ballot today.

3) Pledge to vote for climate justice in the 2020 election! We believe climate change and how it will impact our future must be at the top of every voter’s mind. MNIPL will be offering resources and opportunities to get out the vote for climate in the 2020 election. Pledge to vote here.

Community Leaders

Host a Vote Your Values Event in Your Community: MNIPL is partnering with faith communities and community groups to host conversations about voting your values in 2020. These conversations will focus on what voting looks like in 2020 and how we can vote our values. At these events, we will also introduce Interfaith Power and Light's non-partisan, issue-focused voter guide "Democracy, Values & the 2020 Election: A Reflection Guide for Faith Communities." These events can be tailored to meet your communities' needs but will likely run for between 60 to 90 minutes. After you complete our interest form, a staff member from MNIPL will follow up with you.

Faith Leaders

Climate sermon/talk resources: As clergy and leaders in communities of faith and spiritual practice, you have the opportunity to speak meaningfully to people’s hopes, fears, dreams, and values in the midst of the 2020 election.

We want to support you as you reflect on how to talk to your community about climate justice this fall. That's why we've compiled a list of updated resources, stories, and articles showing how the climate crisis is interconnected with four urgent issues: racial justice; Covid-19; natural disasters; and the 2020 election. We also included questions on each page to spark your reflection.

Click here to access this Google Doc.

Faith Climate Voter