Support the Interfaith Garden

Check out the following statements from supporters, neighbors, and friends of the Gandhi Mahal Interfaith Garden. If you're able, please considering donating to support the garden this season! 


"As a Native American elder, I am concerned to bring the traditional values of my ancestors forward into this time and place. As a Bishop of the Christian faith, I am interested in building meaningful community across all lines of division. As an environmentalist, I am committed to developing sustainable models that will help to repair our planet. As a supporter of the Gandhi Mahal Interfaith Garden, I can do all three at once.

The garden embodies the message of all three partners. It is a working model of ecological sustainability. It provides the ingredients for the values and wisdom of indigenous people to be shared in a communal way. It promotes the natural and healthy lifestyles that crosses all cultural lines.

If you want to do just one thing to show respect for America’s indigenous people, to help raise awareness and action to combat the environmental destruction of our planet, and to encourage a paradigm shift in how we feed a hungry world: then let that one thing be generous support of this combined effort." The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston


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steven jones

Steve Jones regularly attends Sunday Open Garden Nights and shares his beautiful poetry with guests. At the beginning of the season last summer, Steve gifted us with the following line from a poem he's titled, A Sentimental Journey:

An eagle, sun, and earth working together with good reason, and the voice of conscience saying, "God's love doesn't end like a season."

"Last summer I volunteered at the Gandhi Mahal Interfaith Garden... I was truly touched by the loving welcome of people of all ages, races, creeds, and abilities to find something useful each of us could do in that space. Some gave talks, some sang, some pulled weeds, some harvested, some cooked, some built structures, some made art, some, like my husband, recovering from heart attacks and other health woes, sat and kept us company. And we all ate together on multiple occasions. We shared ways we are each engaged in thinking, doing and helping. It made me feel so fantastic to be there, doing something with the community that was real. That is a community I believe in. Thank you for this uplifting experience. It was a bright light in my summer." - Emily Wright