All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp is carefully designed to give children the opportunity to fall in love with the earth and to be co-creators of a culture of kindness. Informed by the wisdom, teachings, and experience of educators, spiritual leaders, and developmental psychologists, children gain the skills and “know-how” to live peacefully with each other and the natural world.

We care for what we love; infusing children, youth, and adults with a felt sense of connection to each other and the natural world is key to the kind of transformation for which the climate crisis calls. Facilitating this kind of transformation is core to our mission at Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light.

MNIPL is excited to bring summer camp experiences to the faith communities we serve. Stay tuned for information on the next All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp in 2020!


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Read Director, Erin Pratt's Blogs about creating a culture of kindness, and taking flight with friends. Then click below to learn more.


All in the Circle: The Film

All in the Circle Documentary invites you to follow the story of 12-year-old Isaiah Bischoff as he attends summer camp and is asked to make a film about it. He finds himself immersed in a world of creative play, nature adventures, and fun. Ultimately, Isaiah learns about the deeper motivations behind the wonder and connection he experiences at All in the Circle Creative Arts & Nature Camp.