Firelight evolved organically as MNIPL board and staff members began sending each other tidbits of wisdom, poetry, and theology. A simple email thread brought inspiration, comfort, and connection to one another and the power we hold to transform our world.

We reflected that it was like sitting together around a warm glowing fire; one that we wanted to share with you, a place of comfort, collaboration, and resources to help us respond to the current challenges.  Join us by the fire!

What is Firelight? Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire is a monthly email with poems, prayers, songs, and articles to nourish our souls and ground our climate justice work. We hope this will also serve as a resource for you to use in meetings and gatherings as invocations and reflections to ground the work you are doing with others in the heart and relationship. Here’s how you can participate:

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Submit Your Sparks What’s sparking for you lately? What poem or song is sustaining you on these chilly days? Click here to share what you’d like to see featured in future editions of Firelight.

Nominate a Guest Curator Each month one edition of Firelight will be guest curated by a leader of the larger MNIPL network, faith leaders, artists, organizers, maybe you! Wisdom to support and inspire calls for a diversity of voices. Click here to nominate a Guest Curator. We encourage you to nominate yourself!

Firelight Editions

Birthing the World, by Claire Curran

Women's Wisdom, by Emily Jarrett Hughes

All in the Circle, by Claire Curran

Celebrate Our Allies, the Trees, by Teddie Potter

Interfaith Imagination by Muhammad Jiwa & Claire Curran

Abundant Earth, by Kali Higgins

Food Justice, by Claire Baglien & Claire Curran

Connection that Sustains Well Being, by Beth Divakaran

Fall Findings, by Kali Higgins

Here is the World, by Claire Curran

On Keeping Warm Through the Night, by Sara Wilhelm Garbers

Being the Dream: On Winter's Wisdom, by Kali Higgins

What does love have to do with climate change? by Teddie Potter

On Taking Back Our Power, by Sara Wilhelm Garbers

Understanding Self for Climate Action by Narayan Dhakal

Facing Grief with Deep Love, by Teddie Potter