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Firelight is a blog and monthly email with poems, prayers, songs, and articles to nourish our souls and ground our climate justice work. We hope this will also serve as a resource for you to use in meetings and gatherings as invocations and reflections to ground the work you are doing with others in the heart and relationship.

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Women’s Wisdom

By Emily Jarrett Hughes | March 8, 2017

The arts transmit women’s voices with potency. I invite you to sink into these poems and songs; let them fill you up so that you feel strengthened in your inner strength to engage with the world. You can also find a printer friendly version of these offerings here. The Water Song In honor of all…

Birthing the World

By Claire Curran | February 7, 2017

This ​week ​we’re ​exploring ​how ​we ​can ​build ​creativity ​and ​generativity ​in ​our ​work. ​This ​is ​a difficult ​time ​for ​many ​of ​us, ​as ​we’re ​confronted ​with ​what ​can ​feel ​like ​the ​darkness ​of ​a ​tomb. How ​can ​we ​reimagine ​that ​darkness? ​And ​find ​ourselves ​powerfully ​within ​this ​moment, ​able to ​respond ​fully ​with ​courage…