Why We Mobilize

At MNIPL our job is to be present and responsive to the needs of our beautiful climate movement that is so much larger than any one organization.

So we ready ourselves to respond to what we call "movement moments" when the climate movement beckons to us saying "now is the time to act!"

And we respond with creativity and resolve, whether it be organizing prayer circles for Standing Rock, rally in the streets, or traveling across the country to stand on the doorstep of our decision makers, we answer when the movement calls, we mobilize.

Mobilization builds identity,  collective experience, and community. It shows our power and presence, the expansive, diverse movement that has been growing over the country.

Ready to join our Movement Moments team? We jump into action when a movement opportunity arises and we'd love to have you join us. Email [email protected] to join the team!


Take Action!

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