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Creating the Beloved Community: Prophetic Imagination in Resistance of the Muslim Ban

Abigail Hindson is the Communications Intern at MNIPL. Originally from La Crosse, WI, Abigail graduated from Lawrence University in 2016 and recently moved to Minneapolis. She enjoys running around the lakes, growing vegetables in a community garden, and making new roots through First Universalist Church and the Contact Improvisation dance community. I arrived at the…

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Birthing the World

This ​week ​we’re ​exploring ​how ​we ​can ​build ​creativity ​and ​generativity ​in ​our ​work. ​This ​is ​a difficult ​time ​for ​many ​of ​us, ​as ​we’re ​confronted ​with ​what ​can ​feel ​like ​the ​darkness ​of ​a ​tomb. How ​can ​we ​reimagine ​that ​darkness? ​And ​find ​ourselves ​powerfully ​within ​this ​moment, ​able to ​respond ​fully ​with ​courage…

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