MNIPL Youth Leadership Team!

The MNIPL Youth Leadership team is a group of committed, gifted and passionate youth who are organizing their faith communities to take action on climate change (all while having fun, building community and connecting to the natural world).  They are activating their own communities of faith through presentations, action opportunities, climate conversations and policy actions.  

Now they’d like to help your community!  Interested in having a group of youth come to your community to facilitate a climate conversations, offer a presentation or lead a climate leadership workshop?  They are ready to offer their skills, passions and resources to inspire participation and action in your faith community. 

If you would like to know more please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you!  


Read below to learn more from YLT members reasons for being involved: 

As people living on this Earth we have a responsibility to care for our planet.  As a young person who cares about climate change, I have a responsibility to do all that I can to ensure that our Earth is preserved for generations to come.  Seeing the devastating effects of climate change that people all over the world are experiencing put my life and our world into perspective.  I decided that I wanted to live my life helping to save the environment so that generations after me could experience the same beautiful wildlife and wilderness that I can today. 

Joining the youth the youth leadership team allowed me to unite with other likeminded youth and act together to prevent climate change.  Having a team to meet and work with is very helpful when faced with such an immense problem as climate change.  People in poorer areas are more severely affected than those in affluent areas and as members of faith communities we are called to stand up against this injustice and fight together against climate change.  The youth leadership team was created to bring youth together to show our support for the cause and to take action on our responsibility to care for the planet.  As a team we will work to make sure that as youth our voices and opinions on climate change are heard and valued.  Our power together is much stronger than us as individuals and as a team we hope to collectively work together towards a common goal to raise awareness on climate change and to save our Earth!

Energy Efficiency Parties with our YLT!

MNIPL will bring in the members of the Youth Leadership Team to perform energy efficiency improvements in a faith community for two to three hours on a Saturday or Sunday along with volunteers from the church.

MNIPL staff will come prior to the workday to do a walkthrough and determine a plan of action and what the best and most effective energy efficiency improvements will be for the building.

We will do low and no-cost improvements for energy efficiency as well as help make plans for energy conservation. We will know specifically what will be best for the building following the walkthrough but the general categorical options are lighting (replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs); weatherization - looking for air leaks at windows or doors and caulking or otherwise fixing the building’s air seal; standby load, decreasing the passive electricity use from electronic devices like computers etc; and water, installing aerators to decrease water use for the building. 

Cost: A $200-$400 investment in materials (lightbulbs, caulk, powerstrips, aerators) can pay itself off in mere months, and all told these actions could result in up to 10% of energy savings if completed. 

Contact: Erin Pratt [email protected] to find out more!

MNIPL will assist in tracking the data and searching for utility rebates to make the payback period even faster.


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