Iftar Celebration!

Each year, Muslims around the world fast for one month for Ramadan. This time of fasting is an opportunity to become empathetic to other struggles, differentiate desire from need, and more deeply recognize the blessings in one’s life. It’s also a time to gather as friends, family, and as a community, to support one another in our faith journeys.

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light and Gandhi Mahal Restaurant were thrilled to bring together our Minnesota Interfaith Community to learn from each other and celebrate our solidarity with those on the front lines of climate change all over the world.  We welcomed Mayor Betsy Hodges, City Council Members Andrew Johnson and Alondra Cano, Rep. Karen Clark, Rep. Frank Hornstein, Jamie Long (from Congressman Ellison's office), Osman Ahmed (from Senator Al Franken's office), religious leaders, including Rabbi Marcia ZimmermanRev. Robert Two Bulls, Rev. Dwight Wagenius , Father Joe Gillespie, Rev Jermaine Ross-Alam (Kwanzaa Presbyterian Church) and  community leaders including Allison Sharkey (Executive Director Lake Street Council), Ruth Romano (Longfellow Business Association), Patty Day (Longfellow Community Council), and others. 

We enjoyed a beautiful evening together as we learned about Ramadan, heard the Muslim call to prayer as it broadcast from the roof of Gandhi Mahal, watched the sun set over south Minneapolis, and broke fast with 250 of our Jewish, Bahai, Catholic, Hindu, and Muslim friends and neighbors.  

At MNIPL, we believe in the rich wisdom our faith traditions have to offer to this moment in human history, this moment of climate crisis. Our work is rooted in respect for people’s diverse religious and non-religious identities, mutually inspiring relationships between people of different backgrounds, and acting together to build a truly just and sustainable world.  We are so thankful for the incredible hospitality of Ruhel Islam and Gandhi Mahal Restaurant- Minneapolis MN and for opportunities to share and celebrate the commonalities and unique differences of our faith traditions. Check out more pictures from our evening together on our facebook page!

If you're interested in learning about other upcoming Iftar celebrations, or starting a climate conversation at your mosque, contact [email protected]