We Can Make A New Path


On January 5th, MNIPL Board Memebr Terry Hokenson provided testimony to the MN Public Utlities Commission against the proposed Sandpiper Pipeline. Here is his inspiring testimony:


My name is Terry Hokenson.  I am a Minnesota citizen and I am a board member of Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, an organization I like to think of as a faith utility.

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light believes the active care of creation, economic and social justice are inseparable and ińtegral to spiritual life.

Since our founding in 2004, we have mobilized religious support for landmark legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota, educated hundreds of thousands of congregants, and worked with every major religious denomination in the state.

We respond to climate change by bringing Minnesota's faith communities together  to join the growing climate justice movement.

As activists of faith, we implore the Public Utilities Commission to act on the fundamental moral principles at the heart of all major faith traditions and respond to the reality of dangerous climate change.  It is here.  Possums are here.  Moose are leaving, as are the birch.  Lakes are warming.  Where will the trout go?  Does none of you have children or grandchildren?  So very much is at stake.

Sandpiper must be stopped.  It's not needed.  The transport of Canadian tar sands and Bakken crude across the fragile ecosystems of Minnesota must stop.  If you regard these notions as unrealistic, please re-consider your definition of reality.  Do you dismiss the consensus of 97% of the world's climate scientists?

Why are extreme methods of carbon fuel extraction and extremely dangerous methods of carbon fuel transport being permitted when the very premise of using carbon-based fuels is rapidly destroying our children's future?

Hear us.  Do not cover your ears.  Do not close your eyes.  Do not harden your hearts.  You have the tools to do what is needed at this hour.  Take up your courage, step out, and walk with the people of Minnesota's faith communities.  Walk with your children.  We can make a new path.