Tar Sands

Tell Governor Dayton: People of Faith Oppose the Line 3 Pipeline

It's an important time for stopping Line 3, the giant tar sands oil pipeline being proposed through the heart of Northern Minnesota. The final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the pipeline is scheduled to come out on August 10th, only one month after public comments ended on the draft version. The Draft EIS has really huge flaws - flaws that take way longer than one month to fix - and right now it’s being fast tracked. Governor Dayton can extend that timeline and provide a real environmental review process for Line 3. He can also take a stronger stance by coming out against the pipeline, but he needs to hear from people first.If you’re interested in learning more and helping stop this reckless new pipeline, please be in touch with [email protected]

Things you can do to take action:

  1. Share this petition with others in your network urging Governor Dayton to oppose Line 3 

  2. Call Governor Dayton, 651-201-3400, and tell him to oppose the Line 3 Pipeline because the risks to our climate, water, and communities are too great. 

  3. Attend the Public Utilities Commission meeting in St. Paul on Thursday, August 3rd where important decisions will be made about the timeline for the Line 3 public process.

  4. Request a speaker on Line 3 for your faith community.