Sheriff Stanek Denies Community Request to Bring Deputies Home from Standing Rock



Contact: Julia Nerbonne, Executive Director, [email protected] , 612-810-1577

Rebecca Voelkel, Director, Center for Sustainable Justice, 612-703-7907


 After more than 400 people showed up for a rally at City Hall on Tuesday, a delegation of organizations and residents of Hennepin County met with Sheriff Stanek today to reassert our demands that all personnel and equipment deployed to Standing Rock should be brought home.  Sheriff Stanek was interested in hearing about the stories of love and solidarity from the camp, but reasserted his view that it was his role to respond to North Dakota’s request for “Emergency” law enforcement.  Upon the request of the state of North Dakota, Stanek chose to deploy 30 law enforcement officers to Standing Rock, and will be reimbursed under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.  Stanek does have the authority to bring these officers home immediately, but he made it clear that that is not his intention.  

The delegation delivered 4,154  signatures from residents who have signed a petition to bring the Hennepin officers home. And, on a separate petition, 61 faith leaders have asked for their immediate return.  A delegation of faith leaders will be traveling to Standing Rock to join those of the front lines next week.


The situation at Standing Rock continues to escalate as police have moved in to remove the Water Protectors from their camp. Hours after the meeting, sources on the ground confirmed that Hennepin County officers are on the frontlines at Standing Rock, and were seen hitting water protectors with batons.


A rally planned by the Indigenous Community of Minneapolis and Standing Rock will be held tomorrow, Friday 10/28 at 2:30 PM in front of the Minneapolis City Hall. This rally will be modeled after the prayer circle at Standing Rock. Press and the community are invited to come in a prayerful manner.


Present at the Meeting:


Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel (MARCH- Multifaith Anti-Racism, Change and Healing)

Rev. Emily Goldthwaite Fries (Mayflower UCC)

Andy Pearson (MN350)

Emilie Bouvier (Minneapolis Area Lutheran Synod)

Crystal Norcross (Inequality, St. Paul MN and Water Protector, Minneapolis MN)

Aiyana Machado (Water Protector; Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center of the Science Museum of Minnesota)

Mary Anne Quiroz (Water Protector, Indigenous Roots and Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli)

Dianna Dina Johnson (Registered Northern Cheyenne Water Protector)

Nolan Berglund (Age 15, Registered member  Northern Cheyenne and Oglala Lakota)

Nina Berglund (Age 17, Registered member Northern Cheyenne and Oglala Lakota)

Julia Nerbonne (Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light)