Public Utilities Commission Approves Xcel's 15-year energy plan

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission just approved Xcel Energy Minnesota's 15-year energy plan – and it’s great news for our health, economy and the climate! The plan will dramatically increase solar and wind in the state while cutting carbon pollution by nearly 60%.

Thank you to the 10,000+ Minnesotans, volunteers, and allies who helped make this happen!

MNIPL's Muhammad Jiwa spoke in support of the plan. "As Sherco closes, a door will open.  What kind of a world can we build together? Will we perpetuate the systems of inequalities and allow hate crimes to fester in Minnesota or will we showcase the greatness and ingenuity that can happen when we take time to make sure that all people are included, especially in the new energy revolution? " You can read his full remarks here. 




A decade ago, environmental justice efforts to clean up Xcel’s metro coal plants and the state’s clean energy policies created a clear signal for utilities to move beyond coal and invest in wind and solar. Minnesota’s responsible transition beyond coal continues to create opportunities for our emerging clean energy economy, to reduce pollution that harms our health, and to outline a path for greater energy Independence.


Over 10,000 Minnesotans weighed in on this plan to support renewables while phasing out coal. Approving Xcel’s 15-year resource plan would bring huge amounts of clean energy like solar, wind and energy efficiency while cutting carbon emissions by nearly 60 percent. The plan’s reduction of climate-disrupting carbon pollution is equivalent to 1.3 million homes’ powered by carbon-free electricity each year. Retiring Sherco 1 and 2 will also result in significant reductions in harmful soot, smog and mercury pollution.