Tell Your Legislators: Oppose rollbacks of vital environmental protection

MNIPL’s commitment to climate justice is more important than ever because environmental protections are under threat at every level of government. With little notice, the Minnesota Legislature is moving quickly this month to consider several disturbing measures that would roll back progress won over decades to protect our communities and our land, water, and air.

Your voice is needed. Contact your legislators today to share your opposition to the bills below that represent a disturbing reversal and a determined undermining of climate stewardship. The measures also would create obstacles and decrease choice for people of conscience, especially in outstate Minnesota, who want to live their values by investing in solar energy.

HF1291: Eliminates the state’s Environmental Quality Board -- at a time when the board’s oversight should be strengthened.

  • HF1377: Restricts the options available to homeowners for financing energy improvement projects.

HF 1882: Circumvents Public Utilities Commission decisions made with public input and allows utilities to bypass considerations of community benefits in considering solar installations.

The good news is that Gov. Dayton’s office also has proposed increasing the state’s target for renewable energy to 50 percent by 2030. The bipartisan bill to advance this new standard, HF1772, is being authored in the Senate by Sen. Nick Frentz and Sen. Karin Housley and in the House by Rep. Erin Maye Quade and Rep. Joe Schomacker.

Your message needn’t be highly detailed or technical to be effective. For instance, you might simply say, “As a concerned voter and advocate for climate justice who lives in your district, I want you to know that I strongly oppose the collection of bills to roll back environmental protections in Minnesota. That includes HF1377, HF1291 and HF1882. And I urge you to support increasing the state’s Renewable Energy Standard, as described in HF1772.”