Policy Action: Paris and Beyond!

The Movement Moment

This year, world leaders will gather in Paris in the hopes of  reducing greenhouse gas emissions to limit the global temperature increase to 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. It’s time to show them that the transformation we need is already on its way. It’s happening in church basements, town halls, community centers, and on city blocks, the stories of the climate movement are many and beautiful. It’s time we tell them.

As fall turns and we approach the Paris Climate talks, we’re harvesting the stories of the beautiful interfaith climate movement, and sharing them with our US delegation travelling to Paris to show that ordinary people all across MN and the US are leading the way on climate action, and expect our leaders to do the same.

And that means bringing something meaningful to the negotiating tables. The good news is that we do have two meaningful programs to offer the Paris Climate talks, the Clean Power Plan and the Green Climate Fund. Its crucial that we continue to build support for these important policies, and ensure their full implementation and funding. Send an email to your legislators today!