Defend Our Clean Energy Progress

Three bills are quickly moving through the Minnesota legislature that threaten to roll back our hard-won energy progress and increase rates which will disproportionately hurt low-income communities and communities of color. As people of faith, we know another energy future is possible, one that works for our communities AND our climate. 

We are calling on Governor Dayton to veto these bills when they come to his desk:

HF113:  authorizes a Natural Gas plant in Becker, MN where the Sherco coal plant currently is, locking in a highest cost option instead of wind, or potentially solar, or another lower cost option. This is an unprecedented move to bypass the Public Utilities Commission.

HF235: will repeal the Made in Minnesota (MiM) solar incentive program that has created well paying Minnesota jobs, and eliminate the Renewable Development Fund, creating instead an energy fund with no commitment to renewables.

HF234: will preclude the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission from regulating Cooperative utilities regarding our state net-metering law, will end any current PUC complaints, and will preclude complaints against cooperative or municipal utilities. In short, the co-ops will be able to do whatever they want to net-metering, as long as they comply with the most basic elements, and it will ensure the co-op fees stand regardless of the outcome of the PUC investigation.

This is not the energy future we want for our state. Sign on to our letter to Governor Dayton to veto these bills.