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After the president’s reckless decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, MNIPL’s Community Solar Garden program provides a simple yet meaningful way for people of faith and communities of faith to deliver the message that “We’re still in.” Subscribing to a Community Solar Garden supports clean, renewable energy and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. What’s more, subscribers save money on their electric bills.

A Community Solar Garden is a large array of solar panels that generate electricity from sunlight. Community members “subscribe” to get their electricity from the solar garden, which is typically installed on an open area or a large rooftop in or near the community.

How do Community Solar Gardens help restore the earth?

MNIPL, working with partner Cooperative Energy Futures, has educated hundreds of Hennepin County households about the benefits of Community Solar Gardens. All of our solar programs are based on four core values of climate justice.

Now MNIPL and CEF are accepting subscriptions for new Community Solar Gardens in Minnesota.


Subscribtions are open to customers of Xcel Energy, either homeowners or renters, who live in the same county as the Community Solar Garden or in a neighboring county. That means customers of these 19 counties in Central and Southern Minnesota are eligible.

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The Community Solar Garden on the roof of the Pax Christi Catholic Community in Eden Prairie, Minn., is full. Subscriptions are no longer available except for members of the church itself.

How do Community Solar Gardens help restore the earth?