Build a Just Community Solar Garden in Your Community!

We need to increase renewable energy in Minnesota, more than that, we need to do it in a just way. That’s where you come in. Teams are forming across Minnesota to develop a Just Community Solar Garden in their community. Now is the time to join the team and build the just and sustainable solutions we know are vital!  Contact [email protected], if you have an idea about how to launch a garden in your community.  You help us find the site, and we can lead you through a process from launch to subscription sales to the final building and celebration of your array.

Each team will be facilitated by MNIPL staff and will guide your community through a four-step process:

  • Core Team Development and Site Identification

  • Kick Off Meeting, where you'll teach others about Community Solar Gardens and how to get started in your community

  • Values Formation Conversation, where you’ll define the values that will guide your team

  • Network Analysis, where you’ll ask, who are we hoping to include? How does this project represent our values?