Presentations and Websites

Check out this presentation by Paul Herman, Founder and CEO of HIP Investor Inc., a San Francisco-based investment adviser and portfolio management firm that provides institutions, individuals, families, foundations, and their advisers with expertise on sustainable and impact investing. A published author, Paul presents around the world on topics from cleantech to socially responsible investing to innovation. He also consults with Fortune 500 companies on sustainability initiatives. Paul spoke at MNIPL's Faith in Action workshop! You can listen to his full presentation here.


Check out MNIPL's Faith in Action Divestment Toolkit here for all the tools and information you need to run a successful divestment campaign in your community or denomination. is a comprehensive site on interfaith divestment.

Check out Carbon Tracker 200 at for an updated list of the top 200 fossil fuel companies to divest from.

Local success stories

In Minnesota, ripples of the divestment movement are being felt in faith communities. Check out the proposed Divestment Resolution that recently came before the Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly this Fall at UU Resolution.

Recent success stories include UCC Divestment and the Minnesota Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area (of the Presbyterian Church USA). Check out more coverage of this inspiring story in the national publication Presbyterian Outlook of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Gains Momentum. Also, the regional Synods of Lakes and Prairies led the St Luke Youth lead drive for Divestment Overture.

Ingredients for Success

In our experience, three factors have helped the fossil fuel divestment movement succeed in Minnesota faith communities. Each faith institution has its own governing values, traditions, beliefs, and practices, but there are some general guidelines outlined below to use as your community works toward your divestment goals.

Connection. You will not succeed alone. Talk to people in your congregation, your local clergy, and other faith leaders to find out who is already involved and who is ready to get involved. Use Google and work your network to find out who in your faith tradition is promoting fossil fuel divestment in other places. Spend time on the phone and online building your networks.

Faith. Know the science and math of climate change and the financial implications of the carbon bubble as well as you can (and know where to go for expertise), but nourish your spiritual reasons for action even more. Read scriptures and theologians from your tradition about God’s love for all things living and still to come. Listen to prophetic sermons and lectures to help connect the dots. Pray a lot. Speak from your heart.   

Open-heartedness. Make no assumptions about where others stand on this. Many people know what’s happening to our world and are in paralyzing despair about it. Your passion and this strategy may give them hope and an opportunity to act. “Speak as if you believe” Jeremiah 29:11.