MNIPL Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

50 for Faith and Our Future
A campaign to engage Minnesota Faith Communities in fossil-fuel divestment  

By Earth Day on April 22, 2016, 50 faith communities in Minnesota will have become active in the interfaith fossil-free movement by engaging their communities in one of many activities. Their goal? To free their churches' and faith communities' investments from fossil-fuel.

This Earth Day on April 22, 2015 we launched our 50 for Faith and Our Future at a climate rally at the Minnesota State Capitol.  Check out our short video from the rally! 

Would you like to be one of them? 

MNIPL can help! At our popular "Faith in Action: Aligning Financial Practices and Spiritual Values" event in January 2015, many faith leaders wanted their churches and faith communities to join our divestment movement and they wondered how they could do it. Find the audio of talks from this event on our main page. Even if you weren't there, you might have the same questions. 

MNIPL has committed to helping at least 50 Minnesota churches and faith communities to get involved in the next 12 months. We will offer consulting and strategic planning to help you design an effective campaign, as well as provide informational resources and programming such as speakers, webinars, and workshops.  

Your participation can range from supporting one or all of the following efforts:

  • A campaign to redirect your communal and denominational body's, or other religious body's endowment, foundation, or general funds from fossil-fuel investments
  • A campaign to divest your individual faith community's fossil-fuel investments 
  • A campaign to have 10% or more of your faith community members commit to divest and to reinvest their personal investments

Yes! I want to be one of the 50!

By signing up we will be in touch with you to take the next step.

MNIPL is prepared to support your efforts with these

Tools for success

1. Educational program on aligning our financial practices with our spiritual values.  The program will explore:

  • Why our spiritual and religious values compel us to fight climate change.
  • How fossil-fuel divestment and reinvestment is a growing trend for both individual and institutional investors. 
  • Practical tools MNIPL can provide to divest and reinvest both our faith community’s and our own personal assets to align with our values.

2. Resources: Background, talking points, and model resolutions to work on changing institutional investment policies at local, regional, and/or national levels. We can help you work with your Finance/Investment Committee, Vestry, and Boards of Directors at your church, endowment, or foundation to make institutional changes.

3. MNIPL Programming

Climate Conversations

Be the Spark:  A dynamic and experiential leadership development workshop to inspire, inform and empower people to take the lead on climate change solutions in their faith community. 

Youth Be the Spark: An exciting, fun-filled workshop designed to help youth take leadership roles in their faith communities on climate change solutions.  Youth in grades 8-12 will experience how environmental concerns and climate change particularly impacts children and youth.

Strategic planning/Consultation.  MNIPL staff and volunteers can help start or guide climate change conversations, strategies for mobilizing your faith community, and/or advancing the agenda with various governance levels.

Sign up here and we will be in touch to discuss next steps that will work best for you and your community.