Divestment Workshops!

50 For Faith and Our Future Campaign update:

Since the launch of our 50 For Faith and Our Future campaign on Earthday of 2015 we have engaged with over 25 faith communities to begin campaigns on fossil fuel divestment.  This fall we are excited to move forward providing communities with tools to successfully run their campaigns.  We will also reach out to other interested communities to reach our goal of 50 active campaigns and truly create an interfaith buzz around divestment.  Together great things are possible!


Join us for our Divestment Workshop series! RSVP HERE!

Would you like to learn more about fossil fuel divestment- both as a successful movement building strategy and the ‘how to’s”?  Are you already working on divestment and ready to grow your team of volunteers in your community?  Come learn how to build confidence and excitement in your community!  Join us for part 1 of a 2 part workshop series to do just that!

October 8: Divestment 101

We begin our program with the basics--climate change as a human-caused challenge that demands a rapid response. We do the math and the numbers to remember the urgency of our work.

In this first program we will help you formulate the religious, moral, and financial arguments for divestment as the tool to align our financial practices, and those of our faith communities, with our spiritual values.

  • Religious leaders will share their response to climate change as an expression of their religious, justice and morality values.

  • Learn about congregations and denominations that have made divestment decisions and that are in mid-process, on the way to a sustainable and fossil-free future. We’ll talk about overcoming inertia and obstacles in your faith community

  • Gain practical tools for divesting and reinvesting your faith community’s assets to align with your values.

This program is for you! People who are working with and interested in building the faith response to climate change.  We encourage you to bring folks in your communities who are involved in financial stewardship.

October 29: Divestment 201

So you know you’re interested in starting a divestment campaign in your faith community (or maybe it’s already started!).  This workshop will help you gain clarity on your next steps and develop the skills needed to run a successful grassroots campaign for divestment in your faith community.  We encourage you to bring others from your faith community to support your team development.  

This workshop will provide:

  • Opportunities to network with others working on divestment in their faith communities in Minnesota

  • Trainings and practical tools that will build your skills around campaign strategy

  • Information on how to best communicate the moral and financial justifications for divestment to others in your community and decision makers

  • Time to think through next steps for your campaign and receive feedback from the MNIPL Divestment Team. In small working groups you will be guided in how to immediately apply the organizing tools you learned to your campaign development.  

Leave excited and inspired, with the tools to make a difference!