Divestment Team


Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light and the Divestment Team are helping to build faith-based divestment and reinvestment campaigns throughout the state. We offer tools to support your work through stories, sample resolutions, checklists, and resources for gathering information based on our experience as actors in the divestment movement. We are passionate in our own soft-spoken (sometimes) Minnesota way about divestment as a tool to defeat climate change. Contact us for support or to give us examples of your faith-based divestment work.

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50 for Faith and Our Future Divestment Campaign 

Divestment Workshop: Oct 29th

Faith In Action: Divestment Toolkit

The moral call to divestment work

Our work is based in our faith. We are encouraged to do divestment work by, among others, Archbishop Desmond Tutu (check out this short video) and by founder, Bill McKibben (check out this short video).

In all faith and spiritual work, we are called to care for our neighbors as we care for ourselves. We firmly believe that as stewards of creation, we test that stewardship by the rule of love. People of faith can no longer follow the rule of love while profiting from the fossil fuel industry that is wrecking creation. As it is wrong to wreck creation, so it is wrong to profit from wrecking creation. As it is right to care for our planet and all who dwell on it, then it is right to invest our resources in just and sustainable energy. We must divest from ownership interests in fossil fuel companies to loosen their grip on economic and political power. Through the prophetic act of divestment and reinvestment, people of faith name the moral incongruence of profiting from climate change and act to change it.

Interested in supporting interfaith divestment and reinvestment around the state? Join our team. Contact Dwight Wagenius at [email protected] for more information.