Take the Paris Pledge!

The Pope’s encyclical is strategically timed to coincide with the 2015 UN Climate Talks in Paris in November and December of this year. As people of faith, Interfaith Power & Light communities from across the United States will bring to the table examples of what is possible by taking the Paris Pledge. Signers will strive for a 50% carbon emission reduction by 2030 and will set a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. Interfaith Power & Light would like to see global nations commit to these levels. Therefore as a community, we must practice what we preach. IPL’s Rev. Sally Bingham hopes to hand-deliver the list to UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon in Paris. He has called on government and civil society leaders to bring bold initiatives and proposals to drastically lower climate emissions, saying, “I challenge you to bring to the Summit bold pledges. Innovate, scale up, cooperate, and deliver concrete action that will close the emissions gap and put us on track for an ambitious legal agreement.” Take the Pledge today! Then, download a Paris Pledge Petition to share in your faith community here.


Helpful Resources for Reaching Paris Pledge Goals