Cool Congregations

The Cool Congregations program is designed to support faith communities as they “walk the talk” by reducing their own carbon footprint, thus helping to cool the planet.  We make an effort to do carbon reduction in a "just and sustainable" way, making every effort to build a sustainable economy for people from historically marginalized communities.

On May 19th, 2015, we gathered for a presentations on both Energy Efficiency and Solar.   Jeremy Davis did presentation on EnerChange.  Alexis Trolchinetz from CERTS pulled together a great presentation for those seeking financial resources for carbon reduction projects.  And Mary Kay Olson shared the basics of solar development in Minnesota.

MNIPL offers both certification and a prize money challenge to exemplary Cool Congregations. MNIPL’s annual Cool Congregation Challenge is a fun and easy way for congregations to compete for recognition and prize money. The categories include Renewable Role Model, Energy Saver, Sacred Grounds Steward, Cool Planner, and Community Inspiration. You can find previous winners and their stories here.

MNIPL is happy to be working with Lutheran Volunteer Corps member Trevor Leuzinger, who is working as our Cool Congregations Coordinator. He is willing and able to help your congregation achieve your energy reductions goals. You can contact him at