Fighting climate change most take place at every level of society, from the individual to the international, and our houses of worship are no exception. MNIPL, EnerChange and the Green Building Council have partnered to create a process for your house of worship to follow to reach your energy efficiency goals.


On the path to a fossil-free energy system, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation. Renewable energy is solar, wind, and other non-fossil fuel burning sources of energy. Energy efficiency is replacing products with technologically superior products that use less energy, like replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED, or more efficient dishwashers and refrigerators. Energy conservation is behavior changes that decrease energy usage, like setting the thermostat lower. As we know that steps must be taken to fight climate change, there are large structural problems to be fought, such as through divestment, but the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to begin that journey is through energy efficiency and conservation.