Youth Be the Spark: Arrowhead Regional Network


CALLING ALL YOUTH: Take the Lead in Caring for the Earth!

Youth are vital to making social change. Adults are inspired to act when youth call them to action. At MNIPL we offer leadership development that supports youth to take the lead in their own faith communities  - and the larger community - in Caring for Creation. This is the first time MNIPL is offering this program to youth in the Arrowhead Region!

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Be the Spark Workshop and Outdoor Adventure: Saturday May 14, 2016 

Paddle, Climb, Ride!
Youth grades 7-11

Come meet youth from other faith communities for a day of developing your leadership skills, and deepening your knowledge. Gain inspiration to take  the lead in creating the kind of world where we: meet everyone’s needs fully and fairly -maintain community resilience in the face of challenges - nurture respect and joy in the creative Spirit of life on Earth. You can also download a brochure to share in your community here. 

In coordination with Positive Energy Outdoors we will venture onto a lake to kayak, work with horses, and go rockclimbing!  We'll also enjoy a warm lunch and fun, experiential workshop. To register for this exciting leadership development opportunity click here! 

Bringing it Home: Sharing Evening

On the Monday following the outdoor workshop, the participants and leaders will invite members of your congregations (youth, adults, your family) to share what you have experienced and learned. This could be the first step in engaging them to support your ideas and plans. 

Skills for Energy Efficiency 

Commit to spending at least one half day – and possibly more – on energy retrofitting your congregation’s building, or the home of a low income resident in Duluth) under the guidance of experts from Ecolibrium3 of Duluth. Dates and places to be arranged in the group. 

Follow-up Gatherings 

Join with your fellow Be the Spark participants and MNIPL leaders will support you in planning exciting initiatives in your community of faith. MNIPL staff will be available to meet with your youth group or intergenerational green team to support your success. They will also help you document your ideas and projects to share with the larger community.  A final gathering will take place in the fall of 2016 to celebrate the Sparks you have created in our region!


Funding for this program is provided by MNIPL and CERTs (learn more at  An additional registration fee of $25 is requested from each participant to help meet the costs of the outdoor adventures. Scholarships are available, please email [email protected] To register click here.