Youth Be the Spark


Action on climate change, led by youth!


Environmental concerns and climate change particularly impacts children and youth, who feel strongly about having a future full of life and possibility. The “Youth Be the Spark” program is designed to empower youth to take leadership roles in their faith communities on climate change solutions.   

MNIPL specializes in leadership development workshops for youth and adults in faith communities.  We utilize premier organizing tools and adapt them for use in faith communities.  As a result, people of faith gain the information, concepts and inspiration to create successful projects that engage the entire community. 

Youth Be the Spark Spring 2017

Twin Cities 
Saturday, May 20th
9:00-4:00 on the St. Croix River

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This will be a super fun day paddling on the St Croix River with its calm water and beautiful cliffs. We’ll stop for lunch on an island with a sandy beach to consider goals, strategies, and actions we can take together. Check out the route here!

Ongoing mentorship, follow up, and support!

Throughout the year, we will meet with participating youth and supportive adults in their faith community to facilitate the design and implementation of their plan of action.  

Everyone's action plans will look different based on the interests of the youth and the unique assets of their faith community.  Actions range from youth facilitating climate and water conversations, offering nature-focused activities to children, helping on energy saving projects, and inviting community members to take action on policy (like calling for clean and renewable energy in Minnesota).  Check out our blog post about the activities of "Youth Be the Spark" participants from fall 2014 and winter 2015.  


MNIPL Facilitator

Erin Pratt - LPC is the Program Director at MNIPL where she designs, coordinates, and facilitates programming for MNIPL and individual faith communities. She is also a facilitator and Climate Organizing trainer for MN350, a Minnesota-based climate justice organization, and for, an international climate organization. Erin's training is as a therapist working with children, youth, and families in crisis, specializing in nature-based settings. Erin brings a relational-based approach to organizing that she finds effective when working with people in faith communities. 

Questions: Contact Erin Pratt, Program Director at 612-716-3336 or at [email protected] for more information.

Thank you, Hennepin County! This program is made possible by a grant provided by the Hennepin County Green Partners Environmental Education Program