Movement Builder Program


Snowflake1.jpgFor years, the organizing community has used the Snowflake Model. This model is how social movements have increased the scope and power of their work by engaging widening networks of people and communities to deepen their commitment.

In 2017 we’re launching something big: we are bringing 150 faith communities into our own snowflake model, the Movement Builder Program. Because that is what this moment calls for: to scale up our organizing to meet the challenges ahead. And we need you to bring it to life, here's how!

Become a Community Connector. Community Connectors will serve as a liaison between MNIPL and their congregation in order to support and inspire climate action in their community. As a Community Connector you will: 

  • Receive monthly updates and action opportunities from MNIPL and communicate those opportunities to your community. Check out our June newsletter here. 

  • Have access to a network of other faith communities and resources as you pursue climate justice initiatives

  • Utilize MNIPL staff support to engage your community

  • Share with MNIPL what is energizing your community so that we can help connect you with others and learn from your experiences

We are contacting you because as part of the MNIPL network you have been essential to building the interfaith climate movement we have today. It’s time to write the next chapter, together.

Become a Community Connector, or recommend someone in your faith community! 

It gives us heart to have the opportunity to invite you, our MNIPL community, into greater leadership and impact now at this critical moment, on behalf of all people and the planet.