History of the Garden


Ruhel Islam, Gandhi Mahal’s Owner & Executive Chef, started this backyard garden in 2012 as a pilot project with HECUA, providing local, sustainably-grown food for the restaurant. The garden is a part of a bigger network of farms and of the economic system of Gandhi Mahal, showcasing their commitment to building sustainable communities and increasing the food sovereignty of our neighborhoods. Check out what Gandhi Mahal has done over the years!

In 2016, we started growing crops based on both the traditional diets of Native American and Bangladeshi/Indian cultures. The crops we harvest become an assortment of traditional dishes at Gandhi Mahal, as well as supply the healthy, indigenous-diet based meals prepared every Sunday night at First Nations Kitchen, a ministry of All Saints Episcopal Indian Mission.  Last season, we:

  • Grew 700 pounds of vegetables!

  • Hosted 12 volunteer groups, teaching them about composting, regenerative agriculture best practices, building soil health, and sustainable farming practices.

  • Brought together people from 6 different faith backgrounds at an Interfaith Climate Conversation & Iftar, digging into the impact of agriculture on climate change and then breaking fast with our Muslim brothers and sisters observing Ramadan.

  • Spent every Sunday evening at the garden from the end of May to the beginning of June for Sunday Open Garden Nights, playing music together, reading poetry, exploring the garden, and talking until the mosquitoes came out.

Can't wait to dig in? Volunteer this season!