Be A Youth Counselor!


Are you a young person who loves working with kids and being in nature? Consider being a Youth Camp Counselor for the All in the Circle Creative Arts and Nature Camp; August 1-5 and 8-12th. Go here to fill out the application!


Youth counselors are one of the most important roles at camp. Counselors act in teams of 2-3 as mentors, teachers and guides for their group of campers. Youth counselors from previous years report their experience as fun, connecting, and rewarding as they build friendships with each other, have fun exploring the camp activities, learn about leadership, and are generally adored by the campers!


This year the camp theme is the “Council of the Sky.” We will be climbing to high places as we explore from the tree canopies and the cloud community the world from a bird’s eye view. Whether taking on the role of a tree climbing animal, a winged one or trying on the garments of the clouds, campers will try walking in another’s shoes, paws or hooves to  experience the gift of empathy and to learn from others.  


And that is where you come in! Youth counselors are mentors for the campers, ones who help them see the bigger picture, to empathize with other’s perspectives, to find words to share their own feelings and connect to others.  


Check out the details for camp this year and go here to fill out the application.  Let Erin know if you have friends who are interested that you think would be a good fit! Also, be in touch with any questions or to give me a head’s up that you plan to participate.  

Text or call: 612-716-3336




More info:

Youth Counselor Overnight Retreat


We will be gathering July 28th-29th for an overnight Youth Leadership Retreat. The retreat will set up counselors as a team to take on your role as counselors, mentors and teachers as you lead your groups through the camp. This will be a ton of fun at a luxury horse farm.  


Camp Days


Camp is August 1-5 and August 8th-12th.  The camp day runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. You will be the counselor for one group with one or two other counselors.  Campers will be grouped based on their age (1st-8th grade). With an hour lunch break that you take with your fellow counselors and a debrief counselor meeting at 2:00 (with plenty of snacks!) when we share our successes and strategize solutions for effectively working with campers.


                     Stipend and 60 +Service Hours Credit


Counselors will receive a weekly stipend for your service! And all hours count as service hours- accompanied with a letter of reference. Rising 9th grade through high school and beyond are eligible to be youth counselors.