Camp Staff!

Camp Classes are facilitated by professionals in their fields who bring decades of expertise and wisdom, making this an unparalleled camp experience. Meet the incredible camp staff who will take your campers soaring this summer! Then register today!

AJ Pratt, Artistic Director and Founder

All in the Circle sprang forth from AJ Pratt’s vast experience as an educator and program director over the last 30 years.  She holds a deep interest in exploring what elements are critical in nurturing the developmental growth of children.  How do children benefit from play and exploration in nature?  What passions do children naturally have that feed their growth as a healthy member of the earth community?  How do the arts and music speak to the hearts of children?  What is needed to assist children in experiencing their spiritual selves? How can the children be helped to understand that they belong and are an important part of the whole earth community?  She put all of these questions into one pot.  Mixed in talented professionals and children and out came All in the Circle!  

Erin Pratt, Camp Co-Director, Nature Instructor, and Youth Counselor Director

Erin Pratt, LPC, i s the M NIPL Program Director where she designs, coordinates, and facilitates programming for MNIPL and individual faith communities. She is a professional counselor and a wilderness therapist with a background working with adolescents, families and groups. She was a psychology fellow at the UMN Healthy Youth Development and brings these researched based principles into her program design and delivery. She is director and youth counselor supervisor for All in the Circle: Creative Arts and Nature which is launching in a second location this summer. This camp focuses on environmental education and the development of empathy, connection with and stewardship of the natural world. Erin piloted the YBTS program originally and it was so successful at St Luke that this church and MNIPL was featured in an international documentary produced by Climate Reality that featured the carbon reduction actions (e.g. solar, lighting overhauls, rain gardens) inspired by the youth. Erin has led the design and implementation of the “Youth be the Spark” programming for the past two years and has been on the ground with youth as they have brought their stories and passion for action on climate change back to their communities.


Gustavo Boada, Puppet and Mask Making

Gustavo Boada, (1954)-is a Theater-based multidisciplinary artist with more than 25 years working in professional Theater in Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico and New York, Vermont and Philadelphia. USA.

Since he moved to Minneapolis 2007, he has worked as Mayday Parade staff and roster artist with Heart of the Beast Theatre. Boada teaches artistic residencies about Puppetry, Mask making, and Stilting and has been commissioned to build Big Puppets. Additionally, he tours with his Children Puppet shows, performing for diverse community organizations and School Districts across Minnesota.


Doug Freeman, Puppet and Mask Making 

Minneapolis-based sculptor Doug Freeman creates sculpture and designs spaces that invite visitors to participate, play and imagine. His work focuses on commissioned public art – particularly places for people, such as fountains, memorials, plazas and parks.Trained as a figurative sculptor with additional study in landscape architecture, Doug often collaborates with landscape architects and other design professionals. He’s worked with clients in this country and Japan to create public art that’s become a lasting part of their communities.

Sara Lukkasson, Music Director; Master Orff Instructor

Sara Lukkasson has been the Director of lower school Music at the Blake School for the past 6 years.  She is trained in many forms of music instruction including the highest levels of Orff Instruction.  She brings a dynamic, attuned, and effective approach to working with children in a way that brings out their fullest musical expression.  


Fatawu Sayibu, Drum and Dance 

Fatawu Sayibu, Master Dancer and Drummer, is the founder and choreographer of Tiyumba Dance Company. Fatawu is from the Northern Region of Ghana and comes from a drumming family; his traditional dances and use of the talking drum tell the stories of his culture, country, and people. In Tamale, Ghana Fatawu has founded a cultural school M’Bangba for the children and youth to study their traditional drum and dance and to support them in pursuing their academic schooling.  Fatawu is a performer, a teacher, a choreographer and a mentor to the children in his community, as well as his students here in the U.S.  His students learn that West African music and dance brings joy, creates peace, love and unity!


Bob Klanderud, Cultural Elder

Bob Klanderud, of Dakota and Lakota heritage, is a Native Elder who brings the wisdom and stories of Native Spirituality to our camp. Bob will be leading prayers, teaching dances, and sharing wisdom from the First Nations Peoples of Minnesota. Bob also is a volunteer with Healing Minnesota Stories who also advocates for Native Father’s groups and works with the Department of Corrections providing spiritual services for Native inmates.