A Note from the Camp Creators, Erin and AJ Pratt!

We were first inspired by the richness of our own childhoods that were filled with play in the natural world.  It was easy to see that these experiences for children were disappearing.  We could not imagine our lives without growing up in the world we grew up in.  Then our eyes fell upon the work of Geoffrey and Renate Caine, David Sobell, Richard Louv, and Bill Plotkin.  

Their work fully supported our vision to re-imagine a world where children once again have the rich experiences in nature that are essential to the growth of healthy lives.  Children who experience a world of play and nature will become advocates of the Earth, and develop a sense of being included in a vibrant Earth community.  Such a community is where one’s imagination has legitimate power to co-create a healthy world.

We are passionate that these are elements we need for this human existence to turn towards resiliency and alignment with what is needed to be healthy and whole citizens of this planet and eager for your children and community to join us. Register here and come fly with us!


We also invite you to join us on May 18th 7:00-9:00 pm as we will premiere our All in the Circle Camp Documentary at the Riverview Theater!  

This piece of work is 2 years in the making and the end product is beyond my wildest dreams!   The cinematography is beautiful and succeeds in drawing the viewer into a lived experience of the principles of our camp: children practicing a culture of kindness with self, other, and the natural world and developing an empathetic and imaginative connection with the natural world.  

Full of rich interviews with children, youth, parents, volunteers, and directors, and interwoven with the audio and visual of the camp experience from the perspective of the camper we learn, delight, and are inspired to make this experience available to more communities. 

I hope you'll join us! RSVP and get your tickets here!


~ Erin and AJ Pratt