All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp

All in the Circle is carefully designed to give children the opportunity to fall in love with the earth and to be co-creators of a culture of kindness. Informed by the wisdom, teachings and experience of educators, spiritual leaders, and developmental psychologists, children gain the skills and “know-how” to live peacefully with each other and the natural world.

MNIPL is excited to bring this fun summer camp experience to the faith communities we serve! We are honored to offer All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp!

Camp nurtures the development of children, youth and adults giving them the skills competencies and practice of bringing their gifts to make this world just, sustainable and kind!  

Documentary Premiere & Benefit

Enjoy an evening complete with a green carpet for photos, puppets, a West African drum and dance performance by Tiyumba Dance, story-telling by Dakota elder Bob Klanderud, and the documentary itself! This will be an interactive night, the audience is invited to dance and sing, and experience the magic of All in the Circle. Purchase your ticket today!

The documentary was directed by a young, up and coming local filmmaker Isaiah Bischoff, with the collaboration of professional producer David Howell. We can't wait to share this beautiful story with you!

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WHEN: May 18, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm
WHERE: Riverview Theater, 3800 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis

2017 Camps Are Here!

We are excited to announce three different All in the Circle Camp experiences for Summer 2017. 

Please check out the description below and fill out the camp applications and deposits below.   

Family Camp Experience

Friday afternoon to June 16- Saturday, June 17, with an overnight camping option. This camp will focus on inviting children and families into the practices and experience of All in the Circle- from connecting with nature, practicing the skills of creating a culture of kindness, to song, story, and art. It will be held at a beautiful local farm.

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Middle/High School Leadership & Adventure Overnight Camp

Monday-Friday, June 26-30.  Based at a luxury horse farm with trips to two or more of the following: high and low ropes adventure, white water rafting, rock climbing or backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail- we will practice communication and group building skills, opportunities to connect to wisdom larger than ourselves in the natural world and practice leadership skills from facilitation to conflict resolution.  High school aged youth from this camp will be invited to apply as youth counselors for the July All in the Circle Nature Camp.

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All in the Circle Nature Camp for 1-6 Graders 

Monday, July 10- 14  This camp will be based in Theodore Wirth Park.  Our focus with this week will be to dive deep into our encounter with the natural world.  We will practice sensory awareness exercises, go on scavenger hunt adventures, and learn from the animals and trees around us about belonging, cooperation, and kindness.  We will embody stories, make art, and learn drumming and dance.

To secure your spot:

Please act soon! These camps promise to fill up fast and we would love for you to join us!

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Hear why parents, grandparents, and campers love camp!

Learn about the philosophy behind the Camp

Or read Director, Erin Pratt's Blogs about creating a culture of kindness, and taking flight with friends.



Help more youth to attend camp. There is a great need for scholarships so everyone can come fly with us! Please consider donating to our camp scholarship fund.


A Day at Camp!

Campers move through the camp experience in groups based on their age and are supported by adult teachers, volunteers, and 2-3 trained high school youth counselor (who are adored by the campers).  Much attention is given to developing a positive and tight-knit group in which great fun and friendships are born.

In nature class, facilitated by a Master’s level nature-based therapist, campers will learn to express their insights and feelings, listen to others, and work through conflict with imaginative, sensory, and nature-based play. In music, under the instruction of a master orff music instructor, children experience the aliveness of the sky through their play of drums, xylophones, and glockenspiels. In art class, campers learn the craft of paper-mache puppet and mask making, under the direction of professional artists that are experienced in the Heart of the Beast style mask and puppet making. Learn more about each class here!  

Check out this video of camp highlights by camper and videographer, Isaiah Bischoff!


Why a Creative Arts & Nature Camp?

Climbing trees, swinging from vines, building forts, digging oceans and rivers in the mud, riding horse sticks, looking for lost treasure, creating imaginary worlds, playing hide and seek, becoming animals, finding animal allies, going on adventures, having councils, making masks, creating music, discovering the interconnectedness of all things, uncovering the gift of oneself to the community, belonging to the human, and the more- than- human- world.  This is the stuff of childhood that has inspired poets, scientists, authors, and lovers of life.  Yet seldom do we see children play like this now.  

The Creative Arts and Nature Camp includes these “secret” ingredients of this special experience that is the camp vision is for creating a safe space for children to play in their middle childhood world.  These are ways that are developmentally essential for the nurturing of healthy children and adults.  The spiritual dimensions of self are rooted in these experiences and caretakers of the Earth blossom.