All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp

All in the Circle is carefully designed to give children the opportunity to fall in love with the earth and to be co-creators of a culture of kindness. Informed by the wisdom, teachings and experience of educators, spiritual leaders, and developmental psychologists, children gain the skills and “know-how” to live peacefully with each other and the natural world.

MNIPL is excited to bring this fun summer camp experience to the faith communities we serve! We are honored to offer All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp!

Camp nurtures the development of children, youth and adults giving them the skills competencies and practice of bringing their gifts to make this world just, sustainable and kind! 

2016 Camps are finished for the Season.  Interested in 2017?


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A Day at Camp!

Campers move through the camp experience in groups based on their age and are supported by adult teachers, volunteers, and 2-3 trained high school youth counselor (who are adored by the campers).  Much attention is given to developing a positive and tight knit group in which great fun and friendships are born.

In nature class, facilitated by a Master’s level nature-based therapist, campers will learn to express their insights and feelings, listen to others, and work through conflict with imaginative, sensory, and nature-based play. In music, under the instruction of a master orff music instructor, children experience the aliveness of the sky through their play of drums, xylophones, and glockenspiels. In art class, campers learn the craft of paper-mache puppet and mask making, under the direction of professional artists that are experienced in the Heart of the Beast style mask and puppet making. Learn more about each class here! 


Check out this video of camp highlights by camper and videographer, Isaiah Bischoff!


This year’s theme: Council of the Sky

This year camp will explore the presence and gift of the sky.  Together we will imagine the sky as an ocean in which birds paddle through the blue air as fish in water. We will experience the sky as an extension of the earth in which we are rooted. We will listen to the sky who speaks to us through the feel of the wind on our faces, the sound that is carried to our ears from far away, through the warmth of sunlight on our skin, and in our hearts through the wonder of stars shining in the inky blackness of night.  Together we will travel to tree tops and cloud circles to find out who accompanies us in the living breathing sky realm of earth. Come fly with us!

Why a Creative Arts & Nature Camp?

Climbing trees, swinging from vines, building forts, digging oceans and rivers in the mud, riding horse sticks, looking for lost treasure, creating imaginary worlds, playing hide and seek, becoming animals, finding animal allies, going on adventures, having councils, making masks, creating music, discovering the interconnectedness of all things, uncovering the gift of oneself to the community, belonging to the human, and the more- than- human- world.  This is the stuff of childhood that has inspired poets, scientists, authors, and lovers of life.  Yet seldom do we see children play like this now.  

The Creative Arts and Nature Camp includes these “secret” ingredients of this special experience that is the camp vision is for creating a safe space for children to play in their middle childhood world.  These are ways that are developmentally essential for the nurturing of healthy children and adults.  The spiritual dimensions of self are rooted in these experiences and caretakers of the Earth blossom.