Beyond Paris FAQs

What is the Beyond Paris Pledge?

The Beyond Paris pledge is a commitment to reduce our carbon footprints 50% by 2030, more than that it is a community to make a plan to get there, and to explore what it means to see practical action to reduce our carbon footprints as a spiritual practice.


What resources will you provide?

We will provide a toolkit that includes: a newsletter and/or podcast exploring the month’s topic, including a petition or postcard, book or article recommendation, prayer, and worksheet to guide you through this process.


How will I get all of those materials?

Great question! If you signed in at one of the Community Meeting you will be added to our Beyond Paris list! If not, you can always add your name to our interest form here.


What do you mean practical action is a spiritual practice?

For many of us at MNIPL, practical action is a way that we live our values -- it brings us into alignment and proves that another way of living is possible. We’ve found in many faith communities that focusing on practical action alone can cause burnout, so we’re interested in discovering more deeply how we can connect practical action to our spiritual practices. So we are designing this campaign to reduce our carbon emissions in a way that is in line with who we are as people of faith and conscience.

We think that some pretty magical things will happen when we ask the question: “How does practical action look differently when it’s done as a spiritual practice? What would it feel like?” We invite you to join us in this process and explore the resources and wisdom of our faith traditions, and consider practical actions as a form of spiritual practice. Our hope and intention is to create a community space to take powerful climate action connected to our values and the larger movement. We hope you’ll join us.