Faith Climate Action Week

Get ready for Faith Climate Action Week, April 17th- 23rd!

Join with thousands of faith communities across the country spreading the word about climate change and inviting their communities to take action on this urgent moral issue. How will you take action? 

We've compiled resources to inspire authentic and effective action in your faith community this Faith Climate Action Week. Below you'll find action opportunities around our three legged stool model: 

  • Systemic actions (petitions and policy action opportunities)
  • Practical actions (to lower carbon footprints of individuals in your faith community, and the carbon footprint of your community's building)
  • Spiritual/Relational actions (to draw on the wisdom of our faith traditions to build community and resilience to respond fully to the climate crisis). 

Help us tell the story of all the beautiful movement activity by clicking here where you can indicate how your faith community is taking action.  


Systemic Actions

Join us in DC for the People's Climate March! 

On the 100th day of this new administration, thousands will gather in the streets of DC to resist, build, and rise, to stand up for our communities and the climate. 

Statewide Policy: 

Petition for 50% Renewable Energy Standard by 2030 

Join us in supporting the bipartisan bill to increase the renewable energy standard to 50% by 2030. This plan will improve air quality, continue to drive down the cost of renewable energy, and generate thousands of new energy jobs.

Renewable Energy for Resilient Cities Postcard and Petition 

Influence the future of your city by encouraging members of your community sign postcards or petitions to their city council member to promote Carbon Reduction and Equity in the city comprehensive plan.  

Protect the Environmental Protection Agency Postcard and Petition 

Promote this postcard or petition in your faith community to prevent roll back of this federal agency.  This campaign is a powerful opportunity to make the connection between Federal Policy and the well-being of Minnesotans.

Protect the Paris Agreement and Petition

Join us to call on President Trump to keep the United States in the Paris Climate Agreement and uphold the decision to reduce our carbon emissions in partnership with the rest of the world.

Metro Area Policy: 

Energy Equity petition to Xcel Energy

Raise your voice to promote inclusive financing so that all Minnesotans can have access to renewables and energy efficiency improvements. 


Practical Actions

Beyond Paris Pledge: Reduce your carbon footprint 50% by 2030 

We commit to making a plan to individually reduce our carbon footprints by 50% by the year 2020 and to be carbon neutral by 2050. Sign the pledge yourself and encourage your faith community to sign the pledge as well! 

Check out our resources including Carbon Calculator WorksheetBeyond Paris Info Sheet, & Making Your Plan Guide to help get you started! Get a Free Energy Assessment of your congregation, including a plan for how to move forward with no cost loans.

Solar – Sign up to get solar on the roof of your congregation for no money down. Work with “Just Solar” providers who work to close the employment gap as they build renewable energy. 

Start a garden and regenerative agriculture project at your congregation.  Join with MNIPL to help launch this new team, contact to get involved! 

Spiritual/Relational Actions


Youth Engagement – Sign up for a youth program at your congregation, contact or to send youth to our Youth River Trip (May 20th) or Solar or Nature Summer Camps (June and July 2017).

Environmental Ancestry and Interfaith Engagement – Join our volunteer team to help with the interfaith Iftar (June 10th) Organize an interfaith event in your congregation.

Spiritual Resources: 

Prayer for Love & Healing

Resources for Sermons 

Interfaith Prayers for the Earth


Help us tell the story of all the beautiful movement activity by clicking here where you can indicate how your faith community is taking action.