Victoria Safford

Earth Day Prayer 


Spirit of life and love, moving through the wind and over waters,
in sunlight and starlight,
through falling leaves and falling snow, falling rain,
over prairie, desert, forest -
holy one of a thousand names and beyond all naming,

We stand at the dawn of a new age.
Our earth is warming, ice shields are melting, habitats are vanishing.
We are witness to a great extinction.
We have brought it on ourselves.

Every move we make, every mile we drive,
every choice at home, at work, at play, regarding
cars or coal, computers, airplanes, fossil fuels, fracking, copper sulfide mining, pipelines, oil -
every purchase, every vote, and every time we fail to vote …
every action matters now.

We stand at the dawn of a new age, named by scientists worldwide for our own selves: Anthropocene –
a dubious honor distinguished by destruction and greed.

We hold power in our hands once reserved to gods:
to raise the levels of the sea, annihilate whole species, summon tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis,
and the famines, the drought, the wars that must follow.
We have overstepped our rightful place.
It is the opposite of reverence to forget the wholeness and the holiness of things.

And so let us remember.
Spirit of life, source of all life,
By grace and by our will may we recall our love of life.
May we learn to live within our limits with humility and gratitude, restoring what has been defiled.
May we leave this land a garden of abundance for future generations.
May we remember our delight in the grace and beauty of the fragile spring,
and bring to bear the wonder that we knew as children, and the wisdom of our elders.

The ground we stand upon is holy ground.

In the words of poet Alice Walker,
We have a beautiful mother
Her green lap immense
Her brown embrace eternal
Her blue body everything we know.

May we honor the best science we can muster, and the deepest calling of the spirit,
for we are bound by bone and blood to soil and sky, to waters and to wind.
Body and soul, we are bound by love to live in right relation to our earth.
May we remember what we already deeply know.

Reverend Victoria Safford, Mahtomedi, Minnesota

22 April 2014 Interfaith Power and Light Prayer Circle