This is What Love Looks Like

This is What Love Looks Like 

By Claire Curran


If you drove by the state capitol on Earth Day, you were in for a surprising sight. Almost 200 people of faith stood outside as the sun shone down and the wind rustled through our hair. We were joined by political leaders championing our legislature's response to the climate crisis Senator John Marty, Representative Melissa Hortman, and Representative Frank Hornstein. We stood in a circle, together, hearing from faith leaders from diverse traditions who invited us to connect to our hearts and to each other, to find hope, inspiration, and strength to take meaningful action on climate change.

As we stood and sang together I saw a woman towards to back of the circle, holding a sign about her head that read "This is What Love Looks Like." I smiled, turned to our Buddhist speaker, Kaia Svien, and pointed. We both shared that moment, acknowledging the beauty and love present in that circle. Love for the earth, for each other, for the work needing to be done.

Later, in her meditation, Kaia invited us to think of a piece of fruit, some piece of of hope from the speakers, from our faith tradition, or experience that we would draw on for strength as we continue to do this difficult work. Some people shared around me "the children who are here today," "the way the youth are so deeply engaged," "the feeling of community of all those here today." What I should have said, had I not been overwhelmed by the moment, the chaos of the day, the weeks of organizing, planning, and hoping for a meaningful day, was "that sign, this truly is what love looks like."

Joining together to pray and sing. Talking with one another, working together for a livable future. That IS what love looks like. That vision and feeling of love is what we're building, together. And we absolutely could not do it without all of you who were there, without everything you do, and everything you bring to this work. So thank you for reminding us what love looks like and what we can do when we act together. 

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