St Luke Youth Take the Lead

Young people at St Luke Presbyterian Church are raised with a love of nature and an understanding that church is where you learn to act on what you believe. An annual arts and nature camp, plus church and family canoe and camping trips, further prepared them to be ecojustice activists. When one high school senior shared the movie, “The Age of Stupid,” the youth group decided it was time to do something. They got permission to lead worship on Children’s Sabbath, which was highlighted by a four-part youth sermon on climate change, plus a time for children involving several animal species. With the benediction, they challenged the congregation to join them in more conversation about climate change. Four of these “Walk With Us” sessions were offered, and included a showing of the 40-minute movie, “Do The Math” with Bill McKibben, followed by a youth-moderated discussion for another 30 minutes. More than 100 St Lukers attended. The youth are now following up with Sunday potluck lunch reports on climate change actions forming at the church, with more than 50 people attending the first one.

Now they successfully brought an overture for Fossil Fuel Divestment to the Twin Cities Area Presbytery that passed overwhelmingly.  Coverage of their accomplishments has spread nationally while other Presbyteries around the country have followed suit! 

 St Luke Vigil - Warsaw to Tacloban

Members of St Luke Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka gathered on November 21st, 2014 for a vigil to pray for those devistated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines. They stood in solidarity with those suffering, and those participating in a hunger strike. Church members also prayed for world leaders in Warsaw at the UN Climate Conference, that they might have the tranformation needed to move to swift action on the climate crisis.