People's Climate March

It was an incredible day!  400,000 Strong gathered on the streets of New York.  Hundreds came together in Minnesota at solidarity events in Duluth, St. Paul and around the state. Check out this video where you can see Minnesotan's join 400,000 other people in a moment of silence.

We chanted "We are unstoppable, another world is possible".

What does that look like?  Join us to engage in the work at your congregation.

Please visit our FB page for amazing shots of NYC, the People’s Climate Hike in Duluth and the Minnesota Meet-up in St. Paul.  And be sure to check out the moving reflections from bus travellers about their experience at the march!  Visit the People's Climate March central site for more on the overall day.

Here is a note from Executive Director, Julia Nerbonne:

I’ve been at this climate movement for a long time.  Organizing for climate justice is an emotional affair.  The facts are grim, the feedback slow.  As we drove along the NJ turnpike during the last leg of our 23 hour trip to NYC, I cried tears of exhaustion, anticipation, fear, and maybe just a little bit of hope.  What would the day hold?

Stepping off the bus with 50 Minnesotans in tow, it all began to feel real. The months of organizing, the hours of finalizing the details, the energy and love put into pulling off this adventure, it was all coming alive. As we walked down the streets of NYC, shouts of “Hey Minnesota!”, chants, and laughter were present in all directions.  NYC!  Here we were.  And there it was.  An incredible movement. Pouring into the streets from across the country. 10,000 people of faith, 50,000 youth… frontline communities, tar sands activists, doctors, business men, moms and dads, school kids….400,000 people, all together. All standing as one.   

We need you now more than ever to move this incredible movement forward. Here are three important things you can do today:

SUPPORT: Building the world we know is possible takes financial resources  MNIPL is growing. By giving today, your gift will be doubled through a generous matching grant for the Regeneration Project. Become a monthly sustainer today to support our innovative programs including climate conversations, leadership development, carbon reduction and youth organizing.  By giving $25 to $100 a month you can help move our work forward.

SIGN: Stand with people of faith all over the world to ask US and global leaders to take action during this critical time of the UN Climate Summit and the People's Climate March. Its time for Obama to #ActOnClimate! Sign the petition here, or print this petition and bring it to your congregation to magnify your impact. Return completed petitions to MNIPL (2104 Stevens Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55404).

GET INVOLVED:  Join us for "Be The Spark", a fun and inspiring leadership development workshop and be inspired to organize in your own faith community.  Looking forward to traveling the road with you.

The People's Climate March is an important opportunity to link our local actions together and tell a broader, more powerful story that will create the change our planet so desperately needs.