by Gwin Pratt 

The Rev. Gwin Pratt serves on the board of MNIPL and previously served as St Luke Presbyterian Senior Pastor.  We at MNIPL are honored to share Gwin's writing with you.
“Together.  You and me.  Us. We.”  
What feelings come up for you when you read, hear, think these words?  Right now, read them again:
“Together.  You and me.  Us.  We.”
And then, name the feeling.
It’s nice, isn’t it?  Comforting.  A firewall against loneliness.  A garden of flowering people and faces.  

But, “together” is more than that.  “Together” is toughness, resiliency, intrepidness, hutzpah. “Together” is the business end of action, change, transformation.  “Together” is the vehicle we ride to that sweet tomorrow of our dreams.

Item 1:
Did you hear what happened in Germany? This from
On Sunday, for a brief, shining moment, renewable power output in Germany reached 90 percent of the country’s total electricity demand.
That’s a big deal. On May 8th, at 11 a.m. local time, the total  output of German solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass reached 55 gigawatts (GW), just short of the 58 GW consumed by every light bulb, washing machine, water heater and personal computer humming away on Sunday morning.
Germany is the fourth-largest economy on the planet. Germany’s $3.7 trillion GDP beats the economic output of any other country in Europe. Sunday’s spike in renewable output shows that wind and solar can keep pace with the demands of an economic powerhouse. What’s more, the growth of clean energy has tracked the growth of Germany’s economy.
How did this happen?  I’ll tell you how.  Together, the people of Germany demanded it, lived into it, and inspired the leaders to just do it!!!  Together!!


Item 2.
Did you hear what happened to the TTIP, that odious trade deal?  This from Guardian columnist Owen Jones.
The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) – that notorious proposed trade agreement that hands even more sweeping powers to corporate titans – lies wounded, perhaps fatally. It isn’t dead yet, but TTIP is a tangled wreckage that will be difficult to reassemble.
Those of us who campaigned against TTIP – not least fellow Guardian columnist George Monbiot – were dismissed as scaremongering. We said that TTIP would lead to a race to the bottom on everything from environmental to consumer protections.  
But hundreds of leaked documents from the negotiations reveal, in some ways, that the reality is worse – and now the French government has been forced to suggest it may block the agreement.
(How did this happen?)  Activists across the continent organized. They toxified TTIP, forcing its designers on the defensive. Germany – the very heart of the European project – witnessed mass demonstrations with up to 250,000 people participating.
From London to Warsaw, from Prague to Madrid, the anti-TTIP cause has marched. Members of the European parliament have been subjected to passionate lobbying by angry citizens. Without this popular pressure, TTIP would have received little scrutiny and would surely have passed – with disastrous consequences.


Protest works!  Protest works when we are together!!!


Item 3.

Did you hear about the latest research on what motivates people.  This from a study published in Climatic Change.
Researchers found people may donate up to 50 percent more money to a cause when encouraged to think about a problem in collective terms, instead of appealing to personal responsibility. In other words, climate action campaigns like the ones Canada and the European Union have launched may do better when they call for us to act, instead of asking you to act.


So, what is the common thread in all 3 of these?  
It is the message that… there is magic when we join up!!  
There is nothing that we can’t do, when what is done is done by “we.”  

The picture above is of some MNIPLers on their way to Indiana for the Break Free rally this past Sunday.  

Imagine for a moment:   
What if it were just Claire, the driver, by herself?   
Do you see what I mean?  TOGETHER!!!!!!  MNIPL!!!!!  Loving and caring and nurturing ….Our Holy Earth.