Interfaith Imagining

Fourth Edition by Muhammad Jiwa & Claire Curran

June 14, 2017

Welcome to this edition of Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire where we explore this sacred month of fasting in Islam, Ramadan.

We bring the best of our diverse faith traditions to the table when we visibly, and vocally show our support and stand in solidarity with our Muslim neighbors. In this edition, you’ll find more information about Ramadan, a powerful speech from Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, and inspiring stories of interfaith cooperation.  

Thanks for joining us around the fire!


About Ramadan

Screen_Shot_2017-06-08_at_8.07.33_PM.pngEach year, Muslims around the world fast for a month of Ramadan. This sacred time is an opportunity to become empathetic to other struggles, differentiate desire from need, and more deeply recognize the blessings in one’s life. In 2017, Ramadan began Friday, May 26 and ends in the evening of Saturday, June 24.


About the Adhan

The Adhan is the Muslim call to worship. The root of the word adhan is ʾadhina أَذِنَ meaning "to listen, to hear, be informed about". Another derivative of this word is ʾudhun (أُذُن), meaning "ear". Salah, prayer, is one of the Five Pillars in the faith of Islam and a duty for every Muslim. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual act of worship that is observed five times every day at prescribed times.


Interfaith Iftar

On Saturday, June 10th we had an incredible evening and display of interfaith unity and solidarity! What began as an Interfaith Iftar of 100 people blossomed to an Interfaith Iftar and block party for hundreds. We enjoyed an evening of food, community, and storytelling. Together we know that love is more powerful than hate, and that when we join together, we can bring healing and transformation to our world. Check out pictures from our night together here.

We Cannot Be Silent, Speech by Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour is a Palestinian-American activist and was national co-chair of the Women's March on Washington. Linda is the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York and co-founder of the first Muslim online organizing platform, MPOWER Change and describes herself as every Islamophobe’s worst nightmare. Click here to hear her commencement speech at City University of New York Graduate School of Public Health.


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 8.36.01 PM.png


Explore Poetic Voices of the Muslim World

Developed by the national poetry library and literary center Poets House and the folklore and cultural advocacy organization City Lore, Poetic Voices of the Muslim World is a multi-year initiative begun in 2011. Their aim is to deepen public understanding of the diverse cultures of the Muslim world via its poetries. Click here to explore this powerful online exhibit.

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Hindu Temple Holds Iftar For Muslims Who Helped Rebuild It Read more about this inspiring story about a temple that held the iftar as a token of appreciation to the members of the Muslim community, who had contributed to the restoration of the century-old temple.

Love, Your Muslim Neighbor Where are unexpected spaces or places we can spread kindness and generosity? How might we surprise and delight our neighbors and community on a daily basis? This is the work the Love Your Muslim Neighbor Project seeks to support. Maybe a group of you makes bag lunches and distributes them to the homeless, sharing a note and our logo inside the brown bag. The possibilities are endless. Check out their website to learn more and Download their printable card here.


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