All in the Circle, Around the Fire

Welcome to this edition of Firelight: Wisdom to Support & Inspire where we explore and share the magic of All in the Circle Creative Arts & Nature Camp!

All in the Circle is core to our mission at MNIPL to nurture to build a culture of kindness that creates a true paradigm shift to build a truly just and sustainable world. We care for what we love- and infusing children, youth, and adults with a felt sense of connection to each other and the natural world is key to the kind of transformation the climate crisis calls for.

That’s why I’ve been so grateful to support the work of All in the Circle for the past three years. Each summer at the end of camp celebration, I’m moved to tears as the campers share what they’ve learned through music and movement. As their sweet and strong voices sing “All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir” I can hear and see that they know this truth deeply.

At All in the Circle we’re building a world where children are fully supported, deeply connected, and alive to the beauty of the earth. This is the world we invite you into on May 18th 7:00-9:00 pm as we premiere All in the Circle: The Film at the Riverview Theater!  I hope you'll join us: RSVP and get your tickets here! I look forward to celebrating the beauty and magic of connecting deeply with ourselves, one another, and the natural world with you!

And after the Premiere, join us for camp this summer! See our 2017 offerings here!

In the meantime, enjoy a little taste of the magic of camp in this latest edition of Firelight!



Third Edition, by Claire Curran

May 12, 2017


The three rules of Camp:

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The three rules of camp may seem simple. Be Kind. Be Kind. Be Kind. But as one counselor shared, “I finally get it! Be Kind to myself, be kind to others, be kind to the world.” In the end everything really boils down to if we are kind and what kindness looks like. How can you breathe in love and be a creator of a culture of kindness today?


To All the Children

To all the children

To the children who swim beneath

The waves of the sea, to those who live in

The soils of the Earth, to the children of the flowers

In the meadows and the trees of the forest,

To all those children who roam over the land

And the winged ones who fly with the winds,

To the human children too, that all the children

May go together into the future in the full

Diversity of their regional communities.

Thomas Berry


All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir

Click here to watch the campers sing "All God's Critters", you might find yourself singing along!

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Becoming Birds

The tree said, ‘When you learn how to use all of your whole body

To listen, you are using all the gifts the creator gave you!


When you listen with your skin

Feel the breeze on your arms

Or Tickle you by blowing your hair against your face,

Or Flow through your fingers as you stretch them towards the Sky


Listen with your eyes: What is that owl doing?

What are the colors of the sunset? What is making that limb bow low?


Listen with your ears: What are the crows making such a fuss about?

Is there an eagle or a fox nearby? tree horizontal.jpg

How does the wind sound in the tree tops?


Listen with Undivided attention:

How can you listen with your whole body if you are busy doing Several things at once? When you are on your phone texting, you can not give your undivided attention to your friends talking To you!


And Listen with your Heart:

Your Heart knows a lot.

Your Heart Knows about kindness

Your Heart Knows what is important to give your attention

Your Heart Knows that you are a gift to the Earth

And that everything is Loved by the Creator!

The Heart loves your imagination!


When you listen like this---

To the bugs, plants, trees, frogs, streams, animals, birds, and to Each other

You will then know you belong to a very large family.

That is the Whole earth!


The more you practice this the more you will be able to listen With Your whole body!

Then you will understand what it is to be another being like trees And Birds!’

From Becoming Birds, by AJ Pratt, Camp Creator


“Nature, too, supports our personal blossoming (if we have any quiet exposure to her) through her spontaneity, through her beauty, power, and mirroring, through her dazzling variety of species and habitats, and by way of the wind, Moon, Sun, stars, and galaxies.”

Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World

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And so I think what we are trying to do with that is to help them become creators and when you understand a little about that creative process then I think you begin to wonder about the Creator and the gifts that the Creator has given us and that’s a very powerful impact to have so that’s what this particular method offers us and how it relates to the camp. ― Mary Helen Solomon, Music Director All in the Circle: Creative Arts & Nature Camp


Do you know how birds communicate?  By their heart.  Not only by their song but they have their heart in their song.  They put their soul in their song.  ― Bob Klanderud, Cultural Elder

How can you communicate with your heart today?

Today may you sense the web of connection of all life, of which we are each a part, and know that your place in the circle is so needed in this moment.

Thanks for joining us around the fire,





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