MNIPL River Prairie Network

Congregations, community members, and Gusties in the River Prairie region of MN are working together to live out a shared commitment to sustainability and resilience and to take their communities and the region to the next level in organizing for a just and sustainable future!

Pastors, community organizers, professors, and engaged congregants are focusing on solutions and projects representing the three legs of the climate organizing stool.

Solar in St Peter


In October of 2015, the City Council commission voted 5-1 in favor of a study to determine charges for St Peter residents with solar. The River Prairie Network convened two community-wide meetings (engaging 80+ community members) to discuss this issue and share their support for solar in St Peter. Additionally, we met with every St Peter City Council Member to share our concerns about the fee, and to share learnings on Net Metering, the Value of Solar, and our vision for Just Solar in St Peter. 


St Peter has not released the study (which was due out in May) or implemented fees to solar owners in St Peter. We believe this is largely in part to our organizing effort, community meetings, and small group meetings with the City Council Members, who now have a great understanding of solar and the value it can play for the community. 

Add your name to let our city council members know that St Peter residents support solar energy, and want to see St Peter be a leader in clean, renewable energy. 


Past Events 

Justice, Faith, and Climate Change

50 community members, students, and faculty gathered on  April 25th for "Justice, Faith, and Climate Change: Connecting Campus and Community" to explore the work we can do together! 

It was an incredible day of conversation, collaboration, and action. Check out photos from our day together, and notes here

We had an powerful line up of speakers, you can catch their talks here:

  1. Sister Kathleen Mary Kiemen, SSND; Co-director, Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry. You can watch Sister Kathleen’s talk here and here for part two.

  2. Rev. Gwin Pratt, St Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Wayzata, MN. You can watch Gwin’s talk here.

  3. Chaplain Brian Konkol, Gustavus Adolphus College. You can watch Brian’s talk here.

  4. Jim Gehrke, MN Valley Action Council. “Support Local Farmers, Eat Local Food”, listen to Jim’s talk here.

  5. Monika Antonelli, Transition Mankato. “Re-build Community, Re-think Consumerism”, listen to Monika’s talk here.