Just Community Solar Coalition

Who We Are

The Just Community Solar Coalition was first convened in 2014. Together with our partners, MNIPL hoped to illustrate that community solar gardens could be accessible to everyone, help to close the employment gap, improve the natural world, and create a new story about the community's role in the energy system.  Guided by a  Community Solar Values Statement, we hoped to provide an opportunity for faith communities to put their values in the forefront, while investing in a financially successful model for solar. We are currently developing two arrays. One will be on the roof of Shiloh Temple International Ministries in North Minneapolis. The other will be on the Public Works building in Edina, MN. Among our many priorities, we want to ensure access to clean energy for all and to provide job training in the solar industry to local, low-income residents. 

The Just Community Solar Coalition includes MNIPL, Community Power, Sierra Club, Cooperative Energy Futures, and Renewable NRG Partners.  We are supported by grants from the Headwaters Foundation, the Global Shapers, and the McKnight Foundation.

Our Current Projects

Shiloh Temple International Ministries, a Pentecostal church located in the heart of North Minneapolis on West Broadway Avenue, has offered their building rooftop as a host site for a 200+ kw solar array. Set to come online during the summer of 2016, we expect this project to produce enough power to offset the electricity use of about 50 homes.  This array will be anchored by participation from Shiloh Temple and the Minneapolis Urban league, and will be primarily available to residents of North Minneapolis and members of the Shiloh Temple community.  To learn more, email Rev. Arnetta Philips at

We are also working with the city of Edina to create a Just Community Solar array on the roof of the Public Works building in Edina. We anticipate that this 618kw array will be built in late 2016.  Email to learn more.

Job Training Opportunity for Local Residents

Both the Edina and the Shiloh Temple Community Solar Gardens will utilize a job training program focused on employing low-income local residents in building the array. Renewable NRG Partners, owned by North Side resident Jamez Staples, who was recently named one of the "Top Twelve Climate Champions" by Green For All, is recruiting people to train them for jobs in the solar industry. Growth in solar jobs is expected to quintuple in the coming years. Armed with training and experience from their work on the Shiloh Temple array, workers will be able to use their skills on other solar array projects coming online in the next several years. Email for more information on applying to the job training program.

How to Get Involved

Become a subscriber. If you are a resident of North Minneapolis or Edina you can join us as a subscriber right now. Email to learn more.  There will be other arrays coming online soon and we can help to connect you with one of them. 

Become a host. Do you have a business, worship, or other rooftop where you could host a community solar garden? We are looking for 25,000 square feet or more of unobstructed “clean” roof space that is new or recently renovated to host CSGs. Talk to members of your faith community or owners of related businesses with roof space and get in touch with us at! Here are the answers to the most common questions facility and finance managers might ask.

Join the Team.  We are currently hoping to develop sites in multiple locations around the metro area.  We'd love your energy and insight.  Email us at so that we can figure out how your talents and interests are a fit.